Hi there, Greetings!!

I am an IT Engineer by degree, a Web/Graphic Designer by passion and now briefly an aspiring Entrepreneur as well as an IT Instructor at The British College. My areas of interest and expertise include Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Multimedia Design, Sketch, and Animation.

I do try to update the interesting works and experience that I go through in my Blog here, but if you wish to know more about my professional works you can visit my start up company website – Firefly where I am partly or fully involved in almost every projects mentioned.

During leisure, I absolutely love to play console games and my idea of a short vacation or fun travelling is not complete without a motorbike. As per religious views, I am an atheist and also like to keep myself updated with the scientific, technological and political breakthroughs happening around the world, mostly via twitter.

Here in my Blog, I hope you find quality, inspiration and if not amusement from my work and experiences that I share.

Thanks for coming around. Keep visiting.

Incase you are here for business below is a brief description of my career.




Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology [ B.E.IT ]
From: Nepal College of Information Technology, Balkumari, Lalitpur
Affiliation: Pokhara University
Batch: 2007