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Kimi no Na wa – A “classic masterpiece” of the modern era anime.

Allow me to first clarify that this is more of an admiration of the movie rather than a review. Before I begin discussing the movie let us talk a little bit about ‘anime’ itself first- I myself have always been a fan of all sorts anime but keeping in mind the cheesy set ups and …
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Red Dead Redemption Review

Red Dead Redemption PS3 Review

Read Dead Redemption. – A 10/10 game by Rockstar. I played this game on my PS3 not so long ago and this is by far my most favorite game of all time and I doubt anything of this genre is going to come near it for a long long time. In fact to be honest, …
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Dilemmas of Design – Graphics and Web

After all these years having worked as a web and graphics designer, I can finally jot down the following words not just as a matter of opinion but as a conclusion of keen observation, quite a bunch of failed experiences and a few yet motivating successes made so far.   Design is fundamental to existence. …
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