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Red Dead Redemption PS3 Review

Read Dead Redemption. – A 10/10 game by Rockstar.

I played this game on my PS3 not so long ago and this is by far my most favorite game of all time and I doubt anything of this genre is going to come near it for a long long time. In fact to be honest, I restarted my blog just so I could blabber on about how terrifically awesome this game is.

It is not quite often that we come across a game of this genre and even when we do, it is rarely this perfect.

This game is the perfect embodiment of a wild west storyline with very pleasing balance between open world gameplay and going through directed objectives to meet the storyline.

There were times when I simply wandered off to the red cliffs or to the desert in my horse to relax. Shooting up thugs and thieves or helping out strangers is equally fun and nothing feels like grinding as even the most non relatable npc’s seem to have their own story going on so somehow you feel connected and the entire game feels more than, well just a game.

You play as John Marston, a retired outlaw who is now blackmailed by government officials into tracking and hunting down his gang members from the past in order to get back his family held captive by the officials themselves and avoid any punishments from law. As I said this is the ultimate cowboy experience anyone will get to have in a video game. There are various things to do within this game includes horseback riding, breaking a wild horse to tame it and make it your own, shooting with four major gun types – Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle and a Sniper. Killing or Looting Innocents will cause town sheriffs to hunt you down and chase you till you escape the radar or pay off your bounty somewhat similar and reminiscent of GTA being that the title is being brought by the same game publishers.

Even side quests are not at all boring and there are a variety of mini-games you can play when you come across townsfolk or strangers in the middle of nowhere. You can play dice, poker, blackjack usually inside taverns or anyplace with a decent table near a town or settlement. Some nooks and corners have people ready to challenge you for a five fingers fillet, arm wrestling, horseshoes. My personal favorite is when some random outlaw challenges for a duel in the middle of the street – I almost always won once i got the hang of it and if you have played this game you know that really makes you feel like a badass.

This game stands out from the rest of the games of this genre because it not only has all those in-game features but somehow has this strange link to a historical perspective and shows how the tide of time brought about political, industrial and geographical changes in people’s lives.

The sound of the steam engined train and the ability to actually hop on it for a ride, the showcasing of horse-carriages and its slow transition to the very early of mechanical wagon cars, the fading outlaw groups and culture and the ruthless overtaking of a peaceful farm life by more civilized but cunning culture all that makes this game something so much more.

I was overjoyed while playing this game also because it has the perfect balance between fun and difficulty. This game gives you full control so as what to do next. If you are stressed out you can simply ride off to relax and not do any of game quests, just enjoy the sunset and rivers and the glorious beauty of the wild west but while you are at it, it also gives you a sense of reality as foxes, cougars, boars, snakes can attack you if you are in their proximity or territory. So yes you can ride off but you cannot escape the fact and dangers that comes along with the freedom of wilderness. That reminds me the animals and other npc are very well programmed as the animals show their natural behavior like not foolishly staying around after hearing a gunshot, horses actually neigh upon hearing a gunshot and try to run away same goes for animals, if you are out of shots and stop firing the foxes will try to come after you in a group, strangers run for their life even when you just point your gun at them, bears..well bears don’t care they just charge at you regardless., what I mean is this game feels every bit of realistic and actually makes it like you were just dropped in the wild west for real.

What can I say about the landscape it left me speechless. The environment actually flips from day and night and the starry night sky is as breathtaking as the glowing sunrise or setting sun shown beautifully. Heavy thunderstorm, rainfall or a slight drizzle leaves the land with potholes and stepping on pool of water or wet mud gives that unique damp sound, the sound and music and rustle of the rain felt so real to me i could smell the rain. Things look majestic from hilltop and if you zoom in with your sniper you can actually see or shoot people or wildlife distant away. Initially there are mostly deserts with small town settlements but gradually you get to explore other lands, Mexico in particular has twisty roads and gives you the feel that you are in a different country than from where you began just by the landscape itself. There are pine trees and snowy landscape equally beautiful that comes later in the game and perhaps the tallest structure is located there at the snows. The snowy peaks and forests below it are home to bears and if you ever face one of them while you are not mounted on your horseback, have no doubt they will remind you of the movie revenant that won Leo an Oscar. Man those bears are ferocious. The only thing more ferocious in the game is the water as neither Marston nor any horses can apparently swim, if you go too deep even waist deep in the waters you DIE !!. That was so frustrating and actually should make me deduct a point or two from the game but the awesomeness that the rest of the stuffs in the game provide simply made me give it a ten outa ten, I accept being a bit favorable here as its a genre I love.

I almost forgot to talk about the character development itself. You have choices or skills to explore as well. Any hunting you do as shooting birds or boars and skinning them…arrgh the skinning part, let me stop right there. As done in most modern games , in this game too anything you hunt or kill you actually have to loot a dead body or skin a dead bird/animal to get the actual loots out of it. But RDD actually shows or tries to give that feel of looting or skinning a corpse by a neat (no pun intended) animation. Some really like this while some hate the messy blood gouging animation while skinning. I personally did not mind it as I loved hearing Marston utter some phrase often in context to the hunt. So as i was saying you have a separate progress for your hunting skills which you can level up by meeting the requirements of the hunting challenges, same goes for sharpshooter and survival skills. Survival skills basically involve collecting wildflowers and plants which I did not progress much as it was the least fun of the three for me. As per character customization is concerned you only get to choose different outfits for your character all of which is unlockable from gameplay itself and no any DLC’s are required. I really cannot appreciate or thank rockstar enough for that. Some outfits even came with some added benefits like wearing a gang outfit would cause outlaws from that gang to be friendly towards you or wearing a suit gave you ability to be able to cheat on poker. I could go on and on about many such features as rockstar has given attention to every tiniest bit of details and made the game so much fun.

[SPOILERS AHEAD – Only read if you have already finished the game, which you definitely should before the RDR II gets released ]

Coming to the story of the game itself. Every time I hit a milestone or killed some important target I felt like boy is the game over?! I felt happy and sad at the same time for reaching that stage or clearing the game, I began to rethink and relive the game and just when i was about to drop the joystick with a heavy heart the game surprised me and it continued and i was full of joy getting to know i get to play more of this gem justifying the fact that i was not fulfilled yet. This happened on three different occasions. First when I finally got to kill the leader of Marston’s past gang, seeing how he suicide dives from the cliff has a whole other philosophy and meaning as he parts with words of wisdom I shall not spoil the game too much by saying it out here. There I thought the game is over but nope, no Sire more awesomeness ahead. Next was when Marston actually dies!! I could not believe how the main character of the story gets rounded up and after defending it from all the soldiers invading his peaceful home, hardly enabling his wife and son escape, you actually lose control to a cutscene where you can do nothing but helplessly watch as john Marston more so ‘you’ have no choice but to get rained with bullets. The heavy breathing and gasping of Marston as his lungs fill with blood , it was at this moment I realized that this game was a masterpiece and a timeless classic. At this point I once again sighed and thought how lucky I was that I got to play this unrealistically realistic game and wondered when the next part of the game will be launched. But Then aaaa..again ohhh wait the game actually didn’t end there..all hail rockstar!! The story actually rocketed years past and you were in control of a young cowboy, an outlaw, the son of the legend John Marston, set to take revenge of his father’s murder. Even as i galloped on as Jack Marston, the son, I didn’t fully believe that the game was still on and would actually allow me to play the rest of the storyline. I honestly thought this was for another part but little did I know how gracious rockstar is that you actually get a final confrontation with the Bureau Officer that made it all happen, you duel with the main villain and leave him dead by the banks of the river while he was fishing. For the first time in a game I actually went up to a corpse and actually emptied the revolver not out of whim but out of frustration on how unjustly John Marston’s ending got played. For me, John will always the the main character of RDR.


If there is any game that claims an in-game experience that makes you feel like you actually were the character in game, and makes the wild west fantasy come to life, then it is red dead redemption for me.

Now that RDR II has already been announced but without John Marston as the main character, I am a little bit upset but however very thrilled to see how the sequel/prequel of this solid game is going to be. I hope it can bring the same nostalgia and classy feeling that RDR first did.

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